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Dear members,

Thank you for making the picnic such a smashing success. We all had a good time socializing, eating, relaxing etc..
The great turnout took us a bit by surprise, but there was enough food for everybody, with some leftover, thanks to the generous portions that Algerians bring to a potluck, and to our directors who insisted on getting enough meat for an army. Most of all, grateful thanks to Dahmane from Baguette Republic for the huge amount of bread and sweet rolls, and a humongous strawberry chocolate cake for mothers's day celebration.
The Algerian spiced merguez, beef burgers, and chicken, grilled on charcoal and eaten with Algerian style baguettes transported us back to our country of origin.
The variety of salads and side dishes brought by the members completed this trip to Algeria. Finally, the cake with coffee and mint tea closed this culinary experience, enhanced by so many countrymen getting together in a relaxed atmosphere, having fun, talking about the election results, or about new Algerian singers.

The kids had a blast playing with the toys, playing ball with each other, using the playground facilities, and taking train rides. They loved the barbecued hotdogs and beef burgers, and they later enjoyed the cakes, cookies and ice cream.
The ladies enjoyed their mother's day outdoors, catching up with their Algerian friends while men were gathered around the barbecue, wetting their appetite with the delicious smell of the merguez and spiced burgers on the grill. The weather was really gorgeous, perfect for such an outing.

We would like to thank all the members, new members, and non members who participated to this event with their presence, with their contributions, and with their help, always lending a hand when needed. We hope that the Algerian families who came all the way from Delaware and from North Carolina are motivated enough to create their own local associations. They enjoyed their day with comments such as "Djabtoulna rehet lebled" (you brought us the feeling of being back home).

Finally, I would like to thank the AAAGW board directors who outdid themselves to make sure that everything goes smoothly, and paying particular attention to the ladies to make sure that their mother's day is truly happy.

The pictures of the picnics are on AAAGW's Faceboook page.

We'll see you at our next event inchallah. Stay tuned....

AAAGW President



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