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Aid Al Adha

Saturday, March 27th,
6:00 pm to 12:00 am.


Dinner served at 8:00 pm sharp.
Couscous, Lamb & drinks provided.
Guests contribute Side Dishes/Deserts.

Live Music:

FREE ($5 person/ $10 Family donation welcome)

Crystal House II Party Room
2000 S. Eads St., Crystal City, VA
(Metro: Crystal City)
Contact: (703) 769-4286

A Great Celebration

by Abdelaziz Rebatchi

After several anemic participations to previous events, the question was whether the smell of the couscous will bring back the big crowd? If that was the idea behind it, the association tapped into the right well; Our board members indeed had the right idea, as we could see many (if not all) participants waiting for the "Iftar" (the word could not be better chosen as early comers seemed to salivate profusely before 8pm, time at which dinner was to be served!!! ), especially where the spicy smell of the couscous was in everybody's nostrils and minds!! (the author of this  article appeared to have suffered the most since chased repeatedly out of the kitchen by the cooks despite repeated "offers to help...", but in vain, the cooks were adamant and apparently heard it before... !!!).

In contrast with previously organized Eid El Kebir (or Eid El Adha) events organized outdoors with barbecued lamb meat, this event was significantly different, in that it was organized indoors with the spontaneous participation of the now established Andalucia band. This "theory" seems to be comforted by the fact that most participants arrived at dinner time or after. Or was it just a coincidence others might say, especially when Eid Eseghir and Eid El Kebir have always attracted the big crowd? Whatever the reason, this event brought new faces and other "older" faces we haven't seen for a while. We were even graced by the presence of members of the algerian community in New York (how about that Thouraya and Ramdane!) and her brother Zouheir from Baltimore, as well as other friends, from other countries to whom we would like to extend  our warm invitation to celebrate with us. It seemed that no one wanted to miss this celebration, reasserting the importance of the event in our lives. What a way to gather all these people!!!

The effervescence surrounding the evening was only matched by the excellent organization of the event diligently conducted by our board members and volunteers. They did everything for the success of the Eid celebration, making sure that guests would have an excellent evening gathered around our ancestral Grandma type of couscous that overwhelmingly met all the expectations. This was also coupled with the otherwise wonderful traditional support of our membership and guests bringing side dishes, pastries, financial support etc...

As always, people arrived steadily and organized into chatting groups, roaming kids finding a good opportunity to let loose and meeting new playing partners without forgetting their artistic inclinations through paintings and drawings. Above all, the bond between our organizers and the community was all the more significant since everybody enjoyed an otherwise colorful and spicy evening enlightened by the now totally adopted Andalucia band. The enthusiasm of the gathering filled the air in a spiral of fun that engulfed all participants, litterally throwing themselves in the dancing floor. Echah fi elli majach and sorry for those who couldn't make it.

In summary, it was a magnificent evening that calls for more of the kind and represented, without a doubt, a triumph for the Association clearly underlying, one more time, the importance of our beloved Association. Everybody came back home farihan massrooran ("common" end to our otherwise famous arabic incha). 


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