"A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit"
--Greek Proverb

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Purpose and Objective of the Association

1.      What is the purpose of the Association?

2.      Why should I be a member?

3.      Who elects the Board ?

4.      Who elects the President of the Association and what is his role?

5.      Can any member attend a Board meeting?

6.       Is AAAGW affiliated with  a political l entity such as the Algerian or the American government?

7.      Is AAAGW an extension of a regional or ethnic group from Algeria?

8.      How can I help the Association?

9.      Is the Association vulnerable?

10.  Can the Association help me buy a house?



1. What is the purpose of the association?                            … TOP …


          The answer is in Article II in our By-Laws. However as one Board member puts it:

          "..  the association is a general vehicle to convey our voices, as a  united body, to either the US or Algerian authorities. More important, I  feel the Association can be a link with Algeria for our kids to learn  and understand the Algerian culture and hopefully being a concerned voice in their later age to defend the interest of Algeria when they become congressmen, senators, business owners, or simply as US citizens. But now, my simple answer would be: We need to be members so that our cultural voice can be heard today and the political voice of our  kids can be listened to and respected in the future."

2.  Why should I be a member?                                             … TOP …

“ Be member so that the community cultural voice can be heard today and the political voice of our  kids can be  listen to and respected in the future."   (see above)

 On a practical side:

·        To meet other community members during frequent gatherings (i.e., potlucks, picnics and haflas...)

  • To be informed on the “what is going on” with the activities of the Association through our newsletter and website,
  • To lead/propose projects and activities beneficial to the community at large,
  • To support financially the Association by funding its activities and keep it running.
  • To be able to serve the community as a Board member
  • To be an asset to the community.



3. Who elects the Board ?                                                     … TOP …


            During the annual General Assembly, members in good standing  nominate and then elect new Board members.

4. Who elects the President of the Association and what is his role?                       … TOP …

The newly elected Board chooses or votes the officers of the Association “a president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer”. The remaining members become “members at large” for management purpose.  The role of the president is to represent the Association to external groups, to be the spokesperson of the group, and to moderate meetings, discussions and debates. All Board members are involved in the day-to-day operation of the Association and participate in the decision-making process.


5. Can any member attend a board meeting?                                                           … TOP …


            Board meetings are open to all members in good standing as auditors. They should not participate in the discussion nor disturb the on-going meeting. Time is allocated to express their suggestions/ideas. In the future, meeting will be announced and published on the  AAAGWs’website


6.  Is AAAGW affiliated with  a political  entity such as the Algerian or the American government?        … TOP …

            No. AAAGW is a social and cultural association and is apolitical. It is not affiliated to any political organization 

7. Is AAAGW an extension of a regional or ethnic group from Algeria?                           … TOP …

            No. The association is not an extension of a regional or ethnic group from Algeria. It is open to all --Algerians, Americans and all friends of Algeria

8. How can I help?                                                                             … TOP …

            By volunteering your time in organizing events, writing articles for the Newsletter about topics of interest to the community, being a Board member …

            “Ask not what the Association can do for you, but what you can do for the Association”.

9. Is the association vulnerable?                                                       … TOP …

Definitely, if the members do not get involved. If  they do not have a look or say on its activities, such as attending at least General Assemblies  in order to elect its  board members. Members should voice their opinion and speak up on what they expect from the Association. The success or failure of the Association is ultimately  linked to the participation of its  members. The Board members are nothing more than active member committed for a set period of time to fulfill a minimum program.  It is the members who should animate activities with the help of the Board. 


10. Can the association help me buy a house?                                             … TOP …

            No.  The association  is not a financial organization or a  foundation and does not get involved in personal/individual matters. However, the Association can assist the persons in need by spreading the word and mobilizing its members.


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